Fractional Benefits Managers

Get all your Health Benefits work done,
at a fraction of the cost.

Many business owners can’t afford a full time benefits expert, so necessary tasks are missed.
We help companies execute all the necessary benefit functions that lead to
the highest-quality and lowest-cost benefits plans.

The BIG simple problem

Most Employers do not have the internal support to handle the complexity and expense of employer-sponsored health plans.

We offer you:

  • Part-time health benefits expert
  • Fixed, monthly fee.  
  • Performance & savings guarantees

We are happy to work alongside your broker as well… we know brokers!

The Team

Robson Baker
Founder Healthcare Warrior

Helping companies and executives know what they don’t know in building better employer paid health care/insurance. Working across Texas to reclaim profits lost in the wasteful supply and spend of Healthcare. We are educating executives and bringing actionable insights to the table for leaders to make better decisions about how they approach Employee Benefits.

Aaron Witwer, MS

Aaron Witwer has been in the healthcare and health management industry since 2002, providing population health management strategy, employee benefit strategies and administering various health / wellness programming to a variety of clientele; from small local firms to Fortune 500 international corporations.

Danielle Klassen BS, CWP

Danielle is the CEO/Owner at Humankind Health Consulting where she consults with employers to understand the social determinants of health that effect employee health. Danielle uses evidence-based methods in combination with carrier data to develop long and short term plans to engage employees and increase health.


Scott Hanis

  • VP of Human Resources
  • Behavioral Theory & Org Management
  • M&A specialist + Change Management facilitator
  • OHSHA, ISO 9001:2008
  • ACA, EEOC Compliance, HR Employment Law
  • SHRM member

Sandhya Sudhakar, SHRM-SCP

  • Organizational Development Consultant
  • Personal Development Coach
  • VP, The Onieda Group / Crown Brands
  • Sr Mgr, Proctor & Gamble
  • Learning & Org Change certificate, Northwestern Univ.
  • SHRM Sr Certified Professional
  • Bookwallah, Assoc Board Member & Volunteer

Donna Wagner

  • HR Director x 4 companies (10+ years)
  • 500 - 20,000 person companies
  • SHRM member

Rehan Waheed, MD

  • Six-Sigma Blackbelt
  • OHSU Informatics Certificate
  • Physician Executive
  • Adjunct Faculty, B.W. University
  • Assistant Professor, Case Western
  • NET Board Member, MetroHealth System

Fractional Benefits Manager


Fractional Benefits Managers help companies with their health benefits offerings but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time benefits employee.

It’s their job to create an environment of accountability, challenge the status quo, and recommend new ideas when needed.

Our fractional Benefits Managers give you access to resources with decades of benefits experience on a contract basis. Fractional Benefits services (which start at $500/mo.) are more affordable than full-time Benefits Managers, whose average annual salary can often run a business $85k.


Too often, companies aren’t equipped with benefits managers who have the time to hold various vendors accountable to reach the company's goals.

We work either on-site, remotely, or a hybrid of both anywhere from 2-40 hours per week thus providing our entire network for a fraction of the cost.

According to SHRM and other premium HR outlets, there are over 35 vital tasks per year that should be performed by each company. For many companies, it’s impossible to execute all without a dedicated person or team.


  • in need overall & frustrated with health benefits.
  • who don’t know where to start.
  • who are unfamiliar with the marketplace & options.
  • who aren’t feeling supported or represented.
  • who can’t afford another double-digit % renewal. Ever.

Employers have the power to change health care. We have their back.